Crimson Battlefield Update #1

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Crimson BattleField Update (3/6/17):
  • Updated Oxide, fixed a couple spamming problems in console.
  • Added two new plugins, Juggernaut and ClansUI.
  • You now have a menu for clans, you can access it by typing /cmenu in chat, this will make it easy for you guys to manage your clan members and clan allies.
  • Juggernaut is a mini-event where 1 player becomes a juggernaut who must make it from 1 point to a final destination in a certain amount of time or before other players get to you first.
  • Added a Trade plugin, you can now use the trade button on ClansUI.
  • Added MagicCraft for VIP's, Non-VIP's still have instant craft but not bulk craft.
  • Coming Soon FriendsUI, this UI will make it easier for you guys to add friends to your friend list.
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