Crimson Battlefield Update #2

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Crimson BattleField Update (3/16/17):
  • Updated Oxide Protocol (1975), on both servers.
  • Fixed the issue with QuickSmelt, the speed can't go any faster until we get a plugin to fix the problem it should be soon.
  • The Airstrike issue whenever you type a name and says player not found, we are already letting the plugin developer know if he can add something to stop it from reading as a cd when it says "Player not found".
  • We will have the a GUI FriendsMenu by next week as promised.
  • Blocked rock from being crafted, this was blocked long time ago but people keep asking, yes we blocked rock from being crafted because of the spam abuse.
  • We raised on how many clan allies you can have, we raised it so you can have up to 6 clan allies.
Not open for further replies.